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About Pearl Brite Pool Plaster

A product of SGM Inc. We install all of the colors provided by the manufacturer of this product and supply the colors below. Many people throughout the industry feel this is the best pool interior finish. This product is not an additive, see introduction and product information below and the selected colors under water. For more color choices click for the SMG Pool Finishes page.  Click the pictures at the bottom of this page to see them in application examples.

There are few things in nature that are more brilliant than the beauty of a pearl.  The flawless texture, the way the light catches the surface, or the way it feels to the touch.  Simple Perfection.  SGM, Inc. has duplicated nature's beauty and elegance in Ultra Pearl Brite High Performance Pool Plaster.

Ultra Pearl Brite is a state-of-the-art pre-blended pool finish designed to provide an exceptionally smooth, radiant white and durable pool finish.

Unlike traditional pool plasters which have a history of discoloration, delamination and etching... Ultra Pearl Brite's unique formulation of the whitest marble aggregates, premium white Portland cement and performance enhancing admixtures provides the strongest and whitest marble finish in the industry.  Ultra Pearl Brite's premium marble aggregates provides years of beauty and enjoyment.



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Gunite Finish Supply - 3 Holly Ln. Hudson, NH 03051

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